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Take a Moment to Thank Sen. Wyden for

Standing Up for Free Speech

The Senate was ready to pass the Intelligence Authorization Act before the holiday break when Sen. Wyden put a hold on it because of concerns that the bill went too far in clamping down on leaks of so-called classified information. But Sen. Wyden’s action alone would not have been enough to stop these provisions. It took thousands of Americans rallying around him by emailing and calling their senators about this bill.

Because of the pressure all of us put on the Senate, the “anti-leak” provisions were taken out of the bill before the Senate passed it.

Please join us in thanking Sen. Wyden for protecting our free speech. He didn’t do this alone, but his action was critical in stopping bad legislation.

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Dear Senator Ron Wyden,

Thank you for standing up for free speech by putting a hold on the Intelligence Authorization Act. We the undersigned greatly appreciate when our elected officials take courageous stands. You have our gratitude, and we hope that you continue to fight for a more accountable government.


The Project On Government Oversight and our undersigned supporters