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Take a Moment to Urge the President

to Ensure Strong Protections for Whistleblowers


The President issued a directive to provide protections to national security and intelligence community whistleblowers for the first time. This policy includes many of POGO's recommendations and deserves a thank you. However, we also must urge the President to implement it properly to ensure the strongest possible protections in practice.

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Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for honoring your commitment to better protect whistleblowers and taxpayers. Your historic directive gives national security and intelligence workers long-awaited protections.

I stand with the Project On Government Oversight in saluting your unprecedented action. The directive will begin to fill a large void in whistleblower protections and lays a framework for more government accountability where it is sorely needed.

However, the efficacy of the policy will depend largely on how the agencies and Inspectors General implement it. I urge you to ensure these new policies are properly put into practice with the strongest possible due process rights, enforcement, and oversight.


The Project On Government Oversight and our undersigned supporters