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Camp Lejeune Action Center

Camp Lejeune will likely go down in history as the stage of one of the worst toxic contaminations in the country—and one of the most shameful cover-ups by the Marine Corps. Between 1957 and 1987, as many as one million Marines at Camp Lejeune and their family members used and ingested water contaminated by extremely toxic organic compounds. Recently, there has been evidence that the Department of the Navy is still trying to keep some information about the contamination from the public.

Here's what you can do to bring attention to this key issue:

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Contact your Member of Congress and show your support for the Janey Ensminger Act (H.R. 1742) and the Caring for Camp Lejeune Veterans Act, (S. 277), which would provide healthcare and nursing services for victims of Camp Lejeune. Click here to contact your Member of Congress.

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Sign a petition that POGO will send to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, urging him to end the secrecy around Camp Lejeune and make information related to the contamination public. Click here to sign the petition.

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Spread the word: Tweet about this page, share it on Facebook, and email it to your friends:

4. Semper Fi  

Watch Semper Fi: Always Faithful, the Academy Awards short-listed documentary chronicling the work of Jerry Ensminger—the Marine who lost his daughter to leukemia and has become a tireless seeker of the truth about what happened at Camp Lejeune. Click here to find out how you can watch the film.

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Stay informed by monitoring POGO's coverage of this issue. Click here to see our latest blog posts on the Camp Lejeune contamination cover-up.